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Specialty Gases from Messer

Messer is a leading industrial gas company and is active in 30 countries in Europe, Asia and in Peru with more than 60 operating companies. The Group's activities are managed from Frankfurt am Main in Germany. In 2011, more than 5,200 employees will generate consolidated sales of approx. one billion Euro.

The product range specialty gases includes especially the high-purity gases, liquid helium, standard and individual gas mixtures and the needed equipement and gas supply systems. These products are characterized by particularly high quality requirements that are consistently followed by Messer.

It is only through their application that gases become useful. Helium, for example, is used as gas for filling balloons, with higher purity as carrier gas in gas chromatography and refrigerated for cooling of superconductors in magnetic resonance tomographs. Of course, these applications make completely different demands on the product, the delivery form, the hardware used and the service provided. The experts of Messer, together with the user, work out the optimum concept  for each individual case. The supply options ranges from gas mixture in pressure cans to pure gas in trailers, from technical up to 6.0-quality. Our customers profit from problem-solving competence that the experts of Messer prove in personal consultation.

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