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The applications of specialty gases are particularly diverse. Many modern analytical methods require pure gases or gas mixtures as operating gases and must be calibrated with high precision gas mixtures. Helium is used as filling gas for balloons and airships, as tracer gas for leak detection or refrigerated for cooling of MRI's. The resonators of CO2-lasers are operated with well-specified gas mixtures. Rare gases or mixtures of rare gases and other components are used as filling gases of halogen lamps, insulating windows or plasma display panels.

As the applications also the industries using specialty gases are very diversified. Specialty gas consuming analytical processes are used in the quality assurance in the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The approval of new motor vehicles and the regular emission control is based on defined high-precision calibration gases. Low concentrated calibration gases are required in the control of emissions of various industrial plants as well as in environmental monitoring.

All of these applications also have their special requirements for specialty gases, and their forms of supply. Messer developes the right concept in dialogue with the user.

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